About Signs And Wonders Studios

Signs and Wonders Studios is a prophetic art studio owned and operated by Jana Green. 

Jana uses the creative arts to be used as a gateway to healing the spirit, soul, and body – and to release the revelatory realm of the kingdom of God on earth. As an artist her paintings are prophetic by nature. 

Her paintings carry God's anointing and bring peace and God's glory to wherever they are displayed. Jana paints through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit at conferences, while on the beach, and in her studio. 

About Jana Green

Jana Green has ministered in healing and deliverance her entire Christian life.

A graduate of Aslan's Place internship program, Jan traveled extensively for seven years with Paul Cox - ministering generational deliverance, operates in words of knowledge and the discerning of spirits. Jana travels to release and teach the glory of the kingdom realm through creative revelation and prophetic discernment. 

She's been a prayer minister in her local church, a local community group Chaplin, and a minister of deliverance and healing in a federal prison.