Paul Cox, Aslan's Place

“Jana Green constantly amazes me! I am very impressed by her knowledge and love of the Word and God. She is a very gifted prophetic artist and operates strongly in the prophetic. Her ability to hear from the Lord enables her to be an extremely effective prayer minister. She has proven to be a valuable gift to the ministry of Aslan’s Place.
You will certainly appreciate her speaking ability.”

Website:  www.aslansplace.com


Larry Pearson, Lion Sword Solutions

“There are many anointed expressions within the Kingdom of God however, there are those who have such a special anointing that one has to acknowledge the source can only be the Lord Jesus Himself.  Jana Green is one like this.  Full of faith, she ignites the creativity in the Bride of Christ in unique, fearless ways.  We have always found her to be an authentic seeker of Truth and she has the gifts to deliver, with accuracy, all that the Holy Spirit wants to release through her.  She is sensitive to the Lord and spiritually discerning.

We have always known and experienced the power of the creative anointing expressed through Jana’s art.  That is why we asked her to create our logo for our ministry, Lion Sword Solutions.  To this day, that art speaks to our hearts and Jana’s love for the Lord moves her to draw that creativity out of others, all for His glory.  We are pleased to endorse Jana Green fully.”

Website:  www.lionsword.ca


Rob Gross, Mountain View Community Church

“When I think of Jana Green and her ministry I recall the old Wendy’s hamburger commercials that referred to their burgers as the ‘real deal’! If you’re wondering, “Where’s the beef?” look no further because Jana Green is ‘tops’ when it comes to personal integrity and supernatural gifting. She is genuine as they come and people love her because she is the ‘real deal’!”

Website:  www.mvcchawaii.org