Generational Prayer

Generational Prayer


Having problems with relationships? Worry, anger, and bitterness keeping you up all night?  Do you have chronic pain, headaches or upset stomach? Can't seem to break through your financial circumstances?  These issues may be the result of spiritual hindrances and generational sins.  You're a Christian and this sort of thing doesn't happen to Christians...or so you've been told.

Restoration for the new creation in Christ is available. You are the image of Christ. Born again and born into His kingdom. A new Creation.

You are not alone. The Bible warns repeatedly that all Christians will struggle. While the spiritual conflict that turns within you is very real, the answers are just as tangible. ministry of prayer focused on helping to set you free from the bondage of generational sin and strongholds that keep you emotionally, physically, or financially blocked. 

The ministry of Signs And Wonders Studio is to co-labor with Christ in the process of maturing His bride. Our desire is to see God's people come into greater freedom as co-heirs and co-creators in their inheritance of the Most High God.

Our goal is to see heaven truly released on earth through his people.

We offer Generational Prayer through a variety of different communication vehicles:

  • In-Person Appointment - In Los Angeles or Hesperia, California, please Contact Us.
  • Online - Online ministry time by secure web-cam.  We can pray for your needs – whether you are in California, Hawaii or Alaska!
  • Telephone  Conference - Don't have access to online web cam? We can pray and minister via the telephone. 


Before your first appointment, please complete and email the Prayer Ministry Questionnarie to Signs and Wonders Studio.

Generational Prayer

Choose ministry time from one, two, or three hours. Because so much that is not expected is discovered in the first session, we strongly recommend you sign up for a three hour session for the first time. 

$100.00 / hour. 

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