Deliverance Prayers

Prayer to be Released from Victimization Mindsets and Co-dependency

Arise Oh Lord and do not forget the afflicted. The greedy and the wicked have taken advantage of the weak and the unfortunate. They distain You. They have set up traps in hidden places and the unfortunate have fallen. Oh Lord, don’t hide Yourself. I know You. You will hear the desire of the humble and strengthen their heart. You vindicate the orphan and the oppressed. I commit myself to You. 

I repent for my past generations and myself for being frozen in fear when faced with situations beyond our control. Please forgive me for not believing that You, Lord, can work out everything in my life for good according to Your purpose. I allow myself to feel confident to walk out life’s situations, with the help of the Holy Spirit, in Christ, wearing the full amour of God.

In the name of Jesus, I repent and renounce for myself and my generational line for accepting victimization due to fear of persecution for speaking up, and peer pressure or fear of the future. Lord will you break off all manipulation, timidity, and false guilt that has come against me and my generation line.

Help me to believe that you, Lord, truly care about me and my welfare. Help me to know that my problems, personality, flaws, inadequacies, and sins are not beyond God's ability to fix.

On behalf of myself and all past generation, I choose to forgive all those who brutalized, raped, subjugated, bullied, enslaved, tortured, slander and controlled. 

I forgive all those who persecuted me and my ancestors because of my gender, race, physical disability, mental illness, or age.

I forgive all those in authority who victimized me and those on my generational line. For all who turned their backs, and all who; betrayed, abused, labeled, and experimented on. For all who stripped us of true identity, who slandered, devalued, or maimed. Lord please remove all consequences of human trafficking and slavery. 

Lord I repent and renounce for myself and my generational line for accepting false identities that society or other people have put upon me, Including misidentifying me or my generational line as a homosexual or transsexual. Lord, help me to come out of the false identity that has trapped me in the ungodly looking glass. I repent for taking on the identities of others. I repent for going into the looking glass and creating personalities by the image of who I would like to be. 

I release all false responsibility and assigned blame from:

Government officials, Religious leaders, Parents, Teachers, Classmates, Piers, Siblings, Spouses, Employers, Coworkers, all law enforcement, Judges, Lawyers, Doctors, Medical personnel, Psychiatrists, Counselors, and Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

I repent for all the parents on my generational line that compared their children one to another creating a performance mentality, and empowering conditional love. I repent for all the children on my generational line, which played one parent against another manipulating them and for dishonoring them. I repent for all who gave away the inheritance and birthright, and for all who stole another’s birthright causing division. 

I repent for watching ungodly movies and for anytime I was caught up in the scene. I repent for placing myself in the shoes of the actors and taking on their character roles including occult literature, and all books. Lord will You now remove me from any fantasy system. Please cleanse all neurons and all mental pathways. Bring me into Your virtual reality and sanctify my imaginations.

I repent for myself and my generational line for not viewing the relationships between animals, the earth, and fellow human beings as God intended. I repent and renounce for myself and those on my generational line for overly esteeming our relationships with animals over humans. For being self-deceived about the proper order of relationships, which caused many negative reactions such as misplaced love, misplaced intimacy, neglect, jealousy, rejection, anger, rage and murder. I repent for myself and my generational line for knowingly or unknowingly exterminating an entire species on earth, whether animal or plant. For not acknowledging the significance of all things as God intended. Even the small and insignificant things since all things work together for a proper balance in His great design. Father I want to be a steward of creation as You intended. Lord please teach me to have empathy and compassion with wisdom and understanding towards your creation. Lord I want to be a co-creator with Christ so creation itself may be redeemed from its depravity.

Lord I repent for all addictive behavior and dependency with face book, My space, twitter, texting, e-mails, voice messaging, chat. Lord I renounce all codependence and all ungodly relational networking with cyberspace. As well Lord I repent for finding substance with those who were like wounded and like minded. I repent for drinking from the pool of nobody cares. Lord will you break all ungodly connections and ties, with any networks, pack, or alliance with false compassion and self service. Will you now give me wisdom and discretion about true relational communications? Help me to discern by the Spirit of truth, connected by the anointing of truth in love.

Lord will you now remove all; spiritual, soul, and physical components from labels, spheres, type casting, pigeon holing, or being a door mat. Will you realign the domains of my being and deliver me from any dimensions or ungodly heavenly places.

Please remove all distorted vision or perception of my true identity. I welcome back all parts of me that have been scattered or fragmented. I ask you to cleanse them and realign them into right time and space. 

Lord, would You now grant me the liberty of your Spirit, to behold You with an unveiled face as in the true mirror. Lord I want to be renewed in the in the spirit of my mind. Lord I want to be changed from glory to everlasting glory in the light of the knowledge of God to the image of Christ. 

Lord furthermore I repent for all who made vows of retaliation because of past abuse. I renounce all self made protection and false shields. I repent for all death vows made because of thinking death was my only hope, and for saying” I am done now I want you Lord to take me home”. I repent Lord for speaking death and cursing others. Lord will you remove me and all future generations from any ungodly depths. Lord will you now remove me and future generations from all ungodly independence, withdrawing and isolation. 

I choose to forgive all those who rejected and shut me down and falsely accused me and furthered empowered the curses already against me. 

I repent for keeping an inventory of a record of wrongs done to me, and for hardening my heart in bitterness. Lord I repent for myself and my ancestors who trapped themselves in negativity. Who created environments of exaggeration and magnification amplifying lies in order to justify themselves. 

I repent for myself and my generational line for causing discord and releasing strife which created the countercurrents of sound resulting in disagreement and disharmony. Lord will you remove the sound waves from the air and the violence on the land that I and my ancestors have empowered. Lord please cut off murder from the land of our inheritance. Lord I admit that I have received offense because of my miscommunication and misunderstanding. Lord please cleanse the frequencies that twist and trigger a victim mindset. I forgive all who I believe were a threat to my well being because of past abuse and hurts. I choose to release them now.

I repent for all who took on the Jezebel spirit, for all who lay in wait in order to trap others as victims. I repent for manipulating others to get my way, for utilizing a victim spirit and preying on others mercies, and compassion.

I repent for all: 

  • Rebellion, Emasculation, Control, mind control, religious control
  • Set ups, schemes, traps.
  • Lies, deception
  • Jealousy, envy
  • Contention, arguments
  • Trickery, craftiness
  • Thievery, debt 
  • Pulling on others anointing
  • Competiveness and comparing
  • Stubbornness and obstinacy
  • Cursed or killed the children of God

I repent for allowing my ministry or job to destroy friendship and true intimacy with you Lord. I admit I have allowed my identity to be in my ministry or work of what I do rather than who you say I am. Please allow me with true conviction to acknowledge You in all I do, so I may then love others as You do. 

I repent for judging others solely on their appearance. I repent for presumption and not using the gifts of wisdom knowledge or discernment given to me. I repent for using the gift of discernment for critical judgment and not guarding my heart. I repent for not honoring others in legitimacy in Christ. Lord I choose to celebrate others and use the gift of discernment to search for a heart of gold. 

I repent for myself and my generational line for identification in sickness or diseases. I renounce for ever using sickness as a way of escaping responsibility, and or manipulating others. 

Lord I repent for all self abuse and for all harm I have done to my body. Lord I repent and ask you to remove the consequences of all addictive, compulsive, deliberate and impulsive behavior. I repent for all self inflicted pain against my body. Lord will you now deliver me and my generations from all emotional and physical scarring from: 

Cutting, burning, punching, and pulling out hair, biting, tattooing, head banging, scratching, withholding food or binge eating, and holding my breath. 

Lord will you renew my perception of the value of my body as the living temple of the Most High God. Lord will You fill my whole body full of light and that no part would be left in the dark. Lord would You give me the understanding and grace to overcome. Now show me how to recognize and capture every thought and behavior in obedience to Christ. Lord will break the repetitive physical and mental cycles of learned behavior. Lord remove all speculations, vain imaginations, and suspicions exalted up against the knowledge of God.

I repent and renounce for fear and of not being good enough as a mother, wife, husband, son, and as a sexual partner to my spouse, or as a son or daughter of God. Lord please remove me from all the things I put myself through to gain acceptance. I repent and renounce for taking control or trying to control my children, spouse, relatives, environment, and all those around me. I repent for assuming responsibility for problems that I was not meant to have. I renounce all ungodly agreement, codependency and all enablement. 

I repent for becoming the dominate partner, problem solver or manager and fixer of all problems instead of going to God and trusting His ways and counsel. I repent and renounce for not entering the rest of God

I repent for not believing that I am fearfully and wonderfully made and for not seeing myself as Christ made me. I acknowledge that God’s way and the way he chose to design me is good enough, beautiful, handsome, and unique. I acknowledge that God judges the inner heart Lord I give you permission to search me and know me. You may use my spirit as a lamp. Find any offense in me and lead me in the way of everlasting.

I repent and renounce for receiving the lie of the worlds standard of my outward appearance for the essence of who I am. Lord I choose to be known by You and not to return to the elemental principal of the world. I choose not to seek my validation from others instead of from the Lord. Lord will you remove all approval addiction. I repent and renounce for falling into a people pleasing mentality and seeking attention as a result of it. 

I repent and renounce for myself and my family line for procrastination, for accepting the situation, for accepting what others said and not doing anything in my defense, for internalizing stuffing my feelings and for doing nothing when you were trying to help me grow, but instead I chose false martyrdom and the do nothing spirit. 

You Lord have performed and accomplished it, calling forth the generations from the beginning. I choose to believe your vindication is my heritage. Lord I choose to believe the righteous will live by faith. Father, I want to be known as I have been fully known. Set me in the land of the living, were I will see Your goodness. Set me in a broad space and connect me to the lines of my inheritance in pleasant places, which are in you Oh Lord.

The Crossing 11/7/09

Scriptures: 2Cor 2:14-17,3:18; 2Cor 10:4,5; Gal4:9; Heb 4:12; 2Cor.3:18,4:4-6; Psa 16; Isa 41:4; Hab 2:4; Eph 4:23
Looking Glass 1Cor 13:12,13 See dimly . . then fully known

Matthew Bostwick