Workshops & Seminars

Workshops & Seminars


Workshops, seminars and training on how to minister to others — offered at local churches, ministry locations, and at community locations throughout the world. For leaders, pastors and prayer ministers.

It is our desire to bring deliverance wherever, and whenever God leads and directs us to. Our ministry is for both personal deliverance and to equip pastors, leaders, and ministers to provide deliverance and healing within their own congregations.

We want to implement generational inheritance by eliminating hindrances. If this is done in a setting of 3 or more, it is diversified, and brings confirmation to what the Lord is doing and wants to do. 

We encourage pastors and leaders to include as many of your congregation who is led to pray to participate in our deliverance and training session.

  • Ministry of Impartation
    • Implement and teach deliverance and healing. 
    • Release others into their true identity as co-creators of God. 
    • Use the gifts of prophetic discernment, words of knowledge to pray for others
  • Creativity Workshops
    • Creative Healing
    • Release others in the creative arts
    • Release the word and anointing in prophetic paintings
    • How to release creativity in the prophetic gifting
  • Intercession and Healing
    • Prayer ministry for healing and deliverance.
    • Release art as prophetic apostolic intercession.
  • Training in Discernment for Deliverance
  • Women's Ministry - Co-labor with other women of God to cross over into true identity in Christ

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