Ministry Writings

Articles and Prayers by Jana Green.

The Sign

This painting came by a journey. I traveled to Fort Mills NC to Morningstar ministries annual Harvest conference. There they had artists painting during worship. I looked at a canvas and saw blue angles feet and wings. I thought to myself, what a great idea, I wish I had thought of it. I latter came up to get a better look. The painting looked nothing like what I saw. I heard in my spirit that it hadn't been painted yet. I suddenly remembered a couple years back I had an experience with a heavenly art gallery. 

In Hesperia Ca, I attended a school of exploration taught by Dr. Paul Cox the director of Aslan's Place. I, along with others went through heavenly doors which led to heavenly rooms. That is when I saw the art gallery room. My since was this is where the paintings were kept that were yet to be released on the earth. 

I sketched out the vision of the blue angels. Latter on in the conference, Lenard Jones, (Morning Stars worship leader) began to talk about the" Summer of Love Tour" he did in 2006. Lenard testified to seeing blue angels crash into an abortion clinic somewhere in New Mexico. My vision was confirmed. While at another location, a women in a wheel chair came up to Lenard and handed him a jar. She did not know him, but she said "The Lord told me to give you this." He opened the jar and there was a single blue feather. Lenard said that the abortion clinic that was notorious for late term abortions was closed down soon after that event.

Latter in Victorville Ca, I was honored to release the painting during a conference called Heaven Trek, put on by Paul and Donna Cox. At the end of the conference, a good friend of mine was very excited. She knew nothing of the events that led up to the painting. She said I know what else you need to do for the painting and what to call it. She said you are to paint one single feather at the feet of the angels, and call it "THE SIGN" I am wondering if the blue angels have something to do with the Lord opening and shutting