Ministry Writings

Articles and Prayers by Jana Green.

The Angel Elim – Scotts Bluff Nebraska

We had two nights of meetings in Scotts Bluff, Nebraska on the weekend of February 12, 2010. 

In the first meeting an angel showed up. So we asked God about it. The name we received was Elim. Here's the word we got from God on this day, Word from the angel, Scotts Bluff 2/12/10:

"You have got to come out before you go in. You got to come out of the enemy's depth before you truly come into Mine. I am calling you deeper. But you must seek it to find it. You've got to search for it. It is only for those who hunger. You must seek Me. I am longing for a people who will go deeper when no one else will. It is not business as usual. I am looking for a people who will seek Me when no one else will." 

The power of God was in the room. There was a release of the prophetic flow that was over the top. Many were seeing and describing the angel. We received words that confirmed the depths. The next night Kevin prophesied "break up the deep". A river came forth – so we prayed "Prayer to Release One from the Ungodly Depths." I noticed a spring wildly sprung up. It was a fountain. The people began to walk through it. The healing anointing was increasing. I was asked to pray for a woman who had an infectious disorder in her lungs with recurring pneumonia. I could feel her lungs three feet from her body. 

I began to pray as I was seeing a hologram of her lung. She said she could feel the heat in her lung where I was describing the problem. 

"Jana, what privilege it was to have you with us. My wife Vicki says that her lungs feel completely different than they have for a couple of years. It truly was a miracle. Since last night, deliverance has taken place. She had a memory come up from "nowhere." Her great-grandfather had a dream to come to America and died of pneumonia 5 days after he arrived. She is getting her masters in counseling, a dream of hers, and in both sessions of school where she's been – she has gotten pneumonia. She believes she was delivered last night from a generational curse. Thanks for coming to meet with us."